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  1. Mothers Day is fast approaching and I find myself struggling to decide what to buy. Whilst there is always the traditional bouquet of flowers, which I'm sure most Mums would be delighted to receive, I'm the eldest of three and I have six step siblings and so my Mum often ends up with more flowers than she has room for! Hence my dilemma. I'm always seeing gift guides in magazines, with gift ideas in different price ranges, starting at a reasonable £15.00 or so, but they quickly rise to hundreds of pounds! What planet are they living on? Whilst I know that my Mum is worth these sums, I just can't afford to spend that kind of money, and neither (I suspect) can most people. So here is my little Guide to a few things from my site that I think would make a lovely present for your Mum. Here goes......




  2. Brrr, it's cold out there!

    Well Winter finally decided to make an appearance, and I for one am glad. I know that it it can be a hardship for people, but I do love the fact that we have distinct seasons because each has it's own delights. In winter I love the cold crisp air and the lovely stillness that comes with a snowfall. The world takes on a different kind of beauty and any ugliness in the landscape is covered with a glistening blanket of snow, even the lightest of snowfalls leaves the world looking as though it's been dusted with icing sugar! Snow days are relatively rare in this country, especially down here in the south, and we love the opportunity to get outside and play! When we're finally too cold to stay out any longer it's back indoors for a hot drink and relax in the cosy warmth of the house.


    Snowy street