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  1. When I first started selling online, most of my bags were 'Occasion' bags, after all they were what had inspired me to start up Wild Rose Designs. Gradually I started adding everyday bags and about this time last year I decided to add a wedding section. Although I added a few designs I didn't really focus on it and eventually I stopped making them and phased the Wedding section out completely. I've recently decided to give it another go and today I've listed a couple of items including a bag and a couple of hair combs. This time round I'm determined to give it my full attention and will be adding more designs as soon as I can make them. If there is anything you would particularly like me to make, please leave a comment, or message me through my contact page.




  2. Proms, originally an import from America, are now firmly established in the social calendar of British High School kids and even some Primary Schools are holding them. Indeed it has become a big money spinner for some businesses. Girls try to outdo each other in the dress department and even the boys get in on the act hiring a Tux for the evening! Limos are often hired for groups of friends to arrive in style and I've even heard of helicopters being hired - oh what it is to have wealthy parents! I think the idea of a School leavers prom is a great one as long as it isn't taken to extremes; with those on a limited budget left feeling like Cinderella. You really don't have to spend a million dollars to look a million dollars. Even a plain and simple dress can be transformed with a few well-chosen accessories.  A bit of bling in the form of dangly earings and a bracelet can really glam up a  dress, and a stunning corsage can also lift a plain dress, though I wouldn't necessarily use the two together. Try looking round charity shops, they may have some lovely vintage pieces, vintage jewellery or there may even be something that has some fabulous buttons that you could add to your dress. Be inventive and original. A bag in a bright jewel colour in a luscious fabric can also be the statement piece that makes your outfit. I have One of a Kind bags at really affordable prices, starting at £22.95, which is less than a lot of High street stores charge for their mass-produced offerings. So if you or someone you know has a Prom to attend this year, don't forget to take a look round my website. And if you can't find what you are looking for, I'm happy to make you a bag in your choice of style, colour, fabric and trim.

    Remember you don't have to spend a fortune to stand out from the crowd. Have a  great Prom!